Timing is Everything. How Sending Your Cookies a Few Weeks Before or After Christmas Will Keep Them from Getting Lost in the Shuffle.

Oops! You forgot to send out your corporate gifts to the people who matter most - your clients! You know, the people who pay you money to work so hard each year? Do not fret! You forgetfulness was a gift in disguise.

The truth is, your clients have probably been under a Christmas gift barrage, receiving new packages everyday. They may even have left town for the holidays weeks early, and any thoughtful gift you try to send could go to waste. What’s worse, should you choose to send your clients food items (i.e. DeLuscious Cookies), they may have already gotten full off of other inferior food items before they can truly enjoy the decadence you want to bestow on them.

Sending your cookies mid-November as a Thanksgiving treat or in mid-January as a “Happy New Year” sentiment may be a much more memorable experience for you client, and in turn, may be a much better business strategy in the long run. Your gift will truly stand out amongst the pack.

Thought Thanksgiving has come and gone, it would be our pleasure to take your corporate gifting orders well into January and throughout the year.


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