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Gooey Butter Cookie Gift

People love our Gooey Butter Cookies so much that we decided to create this spectacular dozen. This dozen includes our famous Chocolate Chip cookies as well as our gooey butter cookies that are slightly crispy, chewy and gooey filled cake-like treats. Packaged in our Small Fabric Box with signature hang tag. The gooey flavors change seasonally. 

Celebration Gooey Butter Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie
$96.00 12 pieces

This includes the following flavors:

Celebration Gooey Butter Cookie
Celebration Gooey Butter Cookie -

A cake-like textured cookie with a crispy shell and melt-in-your-mouth center, filled with confetti morsels and delicate Italian buttercream.

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate Chip Cookie -

A crispy-edged cookie with a chewy center, filled with 3 different kinds of Belgian and domestic dark and semi-sweet chocolates.


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