our story

our story

Since December 2002 when DeLuscious first opened its doors, the world of cookies has never been the same.  Located within the Hollywood Art Gallery and Entertainment post-production districts, DeLuscious Cookies is on the second level of what once was a warehouse for appliances.  Now, it is where one goes to savor the sweet aroma of cinnamon and chocolate.  It has become a destination bakery for dessert aficionados, celebrities, locals and out-of-town visitors.

With a burning desire to move in a dynamic direction and create adventuresome sweets, Lydia made it her mission to conjure up a “Couture Vault,” one-of-a-kind delights which, to this day, remain her creative haven.

The driving force behind each category is a deeply-rooted desire to please our clients with an incomparable product and impeccable customer service.  And this is the reason the vegan, gluten-free and VGF products were created.  Lydia credits her successful career in television news and politics with establishing her foundation in customer service.  “Working with the community at large helped refine and strengthen my commitment to integrity, service and always striving for my best.  I believe whatever you do in this life, be all-in and you will have the strength to withstand all challenges.” 

Whether we are satisfying your craving for a cookie or two, filling an order of two dozen for a local studio or customizing a 200-dozen holiday order that is shipped to 200 different locations as far away as the United Kingdom, it is imperative to Lydia that each client receive the same DeLuscious personal concierge service.

“Our goal is that our clients smile when they bite into our cookies, feel the surge of happiness from rekindled childhood memories, and understand the love and passion we put into each and every cookie.   If we achieve this, then my team and I have been successful.” ~ Lydia Shayne