Allergy Information

Allergy information for classic cookies, couture cookies, and brownies. 
While only a few of our cookies contain nuts, all are made on shared equipment that may contain traces of tree nuts. Our cookies contain wheat flour and dairy, which may not be suitable for people with gluten and dairy allergies (vegan and gluten-free selections excluded).

Allergy note for gluten-free, vegan and vegan gluten-free (VGF) cookies
Our gluten-free and vegan cookies are made with certified gluten-free and certified vegan ingredients. They are however, processed on shared equipment with our classic cookies, couture cookies and brownies. Our gluten-free cookies are made from a proprietary blend of gluten-free quinoa and rice flours; our vegan cookies do not contain eggs or butter; our VGF cookies are made with gluten-free flours and without eggs or butter.

Our VGF cookies are made with coconut milk and coconut oil.  While the FDA recognizes coconut as a tree nut, it is not a botanical nut and is classified as a fruit.  While allergic reactions to coconut have been documented, most people who are allergic to tree nuts can safely eat coconut.