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About Us

About Us

Welcome to DeLuscious!

DeLuscious has been creating lasting impressions and memorable experiences for more than 17 years. From the Academy Awards to the Grammys to the Golden Globes to your office or front door, Deluscious provides freshly baked cookies and brownies with uncompromised ingredients and no preservatives. 

DeLuscious cookies never sit on a shelf waiting for a sale. The ovens are fired up according to demand and the finished product is then individually wrapped for freshness and hand-packed in a tissue-lined box for pickup, delivery or shipping.

Because gifting needs vary, we offer several tiers of packaging including a complimentary white box and a handcrafted fabric box. We also offer milk in old-fashioned glass bottles for orders that are hand delivered in the Los Angeles area or picked up at our bakery.

Located within the Hollywood Art Gallery and Entertainment post-production districts, DeLuscious Cookies is on the second level of what once was a warehouse for appliances. It’s not your typical retail bakery space but the sweet aroma of cinnamon and chocolate lead the way. It has become a destination bakery for dessert aficionados, celebrities, locals who want that perfect gift, and for out-of-towners who simply want to purchase a few.

Our motto:“Why Settle for Good When you can be Great?”

Our focus:Create memorable experiences through quality baked goods and impeccable service.

Whether you want cookies that are classic or couture, vegan or gluten-free, the driving force behind each category is a deeply-rooted desire to please.

Our customers, whether individuals or corporations, tend to be people with a penchant for style and a fine appreciation for quality. They give our cookies as gifts to loved ones and valued business colleagues.

We believe the difference lies in the details: collaborating on perfect, individualized notes; designing packaging that resonates with a company’s brand; organizing and synchronizing the delivery of a surprise cookie gift.

Whether you visit DeLuscious to satisfy your craving for a cookie or two, to fill an order of two dozen for a local studio or need to customize a 200-dozen holiday order that is shipped to 200 different locations, it is imperative to everyone at DeLuscious that we deliver to you and your recipient a personalized and attentive cookie experience.