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Macaroon Box

Indulge in our luscious, chewy macaroons. Each chocolate dipped macaroon includes its own unique flavor profile. Our plain has a hint of rosewater, the orange has hint of orange blossom and raspberry is intense and deeply flavored. The macaroons are individually wrapped and packaged in this specialty, two piece, white gift box + colorful ribbon (external shipping box included).  A great gift for spring or the holidays. 

Classic Macaroon Cookie, Orange Macaroon Cookie, Raspberry Macaroon Cookie
$50.00 8 pieces

This includes the following flavors:

Classic Macaroon Cookie
Classic Macaroon Cookie -

Pure coconut for the purist. Flourless & Gluten-free — classic coconut macaroon dipped in dark chocolate.

Orange Macaroon Cookie
Orange Macaroon Cookie -

Flourless & Gluten-free — orange infused classic coconut macaroon dipped in dark chocolate. Made with the juice and zest of fresh oranges.

Raspberry Macaroon Cookie
Raspberry Macaroon Cookie -

Flourless & Gluten-free - raspberry infused classic coconut macaroon dipped in dark chocolate. Made with fresh raspberries.


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