Summer Couture Dozen

Unapologetically haute couture.

Fresh fruit at the peak of ripeness is one of summer's greatest pleasures, not to mention the berry delicious inspiration behind our fruit-tastic summer-inspired Couture Dozen.

Wild Blueberry Lemon White Chocolate, Chocolate White Chocolate Raspberry, Peaches and Cream Gooey Butter Cookie, Banana Walnut, Chocolate Chip, Pineapple Blondie

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  • Complimentary White Box
    Complimentary White Box
  • Wood Grain Gift Box
    Wood Grain Gift Box
$55.00 12 pieces

This includes the following flavors:

Wild Blueberry Lemon White Chocolate
Wild Blueberry Lemon White Chocolate - Made with the juice and zest of fresh lemons, this chewy but crispy-edged cookie is filled with dried wild blueberries and white chocolate chunks.
Chocolate White Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate White Chocolate Raspberry - Loaded with fresh raspberries, white chocolate chunks and two different kinds of dark chocolate, this moist cookie is bursting with flavor.
Peaches and Cream Gooey Butter Cookie
Peaches and Cream Gooey Butter Cookie -
A cake-like textured cookie with a crispy shell and melt-in-your-mouth center, filled with peaches and white chocolate.
Banana Walnut
Banana Walnut - A melt-in-your-mouth cookie filled with fresh bananas and hand chopped walnuts, finished with a thin, crispy cinnamon topping.
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip - Crispy-edged cookies with a chewy center, filled with 3 different kinds of Belgian and domestic dark and semi-sweet chocolates.
Pineapple Blondie
Pineapple Blondie - A caramelized brown sugar and butter-based blondie filled with pineapple and macerated dried pineapple, topped with a fragrant pineapple reduction.

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