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Teaming up the Best Cookies with Coffee

 July 10 2022  By: DeLuscious Cookies
Teaming up the Best Cookies with Coffee

There are few pleasures in life that beat the sensory feeling and expectation of that first, steamy cup of coffee. Whether it is enjoyed when you rise and shine or later in the day, that first cup is…magical. Now, imagine if it is matched up with the perfect cookie. Coffee becomes so much more pleasurable when accompanied by a sweet and textured treat.

We believe cookies that pair best with coffee should be simple; the goal is to complement the bold and slightly bitter taste of coffee, not to overpower it.

At DeLuscious Cookies & Milk, we have a wide variety of cookies to complement your cup of joe.

 Textures and Flavors

Close your eyes and bite into a thick, chewy yet crispy oatmeal raisin cookie, filled with oats and plump raisins with an undertone of vanilla and cinnamon. This cookie is moist in the center but crispy on the edge. The texture contributes to taste; it’s a mouth feel.  Now take that same oatmeal raisin cookie and dunk it into your favorite cup of coffee.  The texture is softer, more delicate, melding differently with coffee than if you took a bite of a cookie followed by a sip of coffee.  Both are great, but the flavors and textures are vastly different. Don’t take our word for it, experiment and determine your preference.

Chocolate and Coffee Go Together

When we created our chocolate chip cookie, we sampled a multitude of different chocolates ranging from semisweet to bittersweet: semisweet has a lower percentage of chocolate liquor or cacao, and a higher percentage of sugar, whereas bittersweet has a higher percentage of chocolate liquor or cacao and a lower percentage of sugar. Ultimately, we combined three different kinds of chocolate that complemented each other: a traditional semi-sweet chocolate chip; a coverture wafer with a darker and creamier texture; and a dark, bittersweet full-bodied wafer. Layers of flavor in a thin cookie with no fillers. A crispy yet chewy texture. Coffee enhances the flavor of our chocolate chip cookie, and this cookie enhances the flavor of coffee – they match up well together. It truly is a science.

For the Non-Chocolate Spicy Lover, We Feel You

Not everyone wants chocolate with their coffee – surprising right?! We created a cinnamon brûlée cookie, a twist on the traditional snickerdoodle.  The greatest difference is that it is like a two-in-one cookie:  a thin, buttery cookie with a chewy yet crispy texture, finished with a caramelized sugar topping.  Yes, it is about the texture. And who does not like cinnamon in their coffee? Whether dunked or eaten on the side, the simplicity of flavors and ingredients intensifies the best properties of a pour-over, espresso, or cappuccino.   There are countless reasons to enjoy cinnamon with coffee.

Vanilla + Butter Purists… A class of their own

And then there is the versatility of shortbread – so many flavor possibilities, And, another terrific choice that complements any cup of coffee. Shortbread cookies are less sweet and crunchier than other cookie variants.  They can be flavored with vanilla, cardamom, lavender, lemon - the list is endless - or filled with chocolate, jams made from scratch, topped with sparkling sugar (for texture) or not!  All get a thumbs up. They are, without a doubt, a classic treat.

Has this been Helpful?

Our takeaway is experiment with flavors and textures.  Expand your taste horizons.  And whether you are slicing and baking or unwrapping one of ours, take a moment to savor the romance between a simple cookie and a cup of coffee.


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