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Which Cookie Personality Are You?

 February 03 2020  By: DeLuscious Cookies
Which Cookie Personality Are You?

It’s hard to imagine there’s anyone on this planet who doesn’t like cookies. Sure, some of us have more of a sweet tooth than others, but it’s practically a sin not to like these delectable desserts. Whether we’re as obsessed as Cookie Monster or only an occasional indulger, the truth is, it’s hard to choose a favorite. Thinking about our favorite cookie is a lot like our favorite color or movie or book - it’s often really hard to choose and telling of our personality.

If cookies could talk, they’d all have their own personality. They’d be a lot like our friends and family. Below you’ll find 11 different types of people our favorite flavors would resemble - so why not get a box or two for the person in your life that immediately comes to mind?

The Popular Friend

We all wanted to date him in high school. Or be him. It’s that friend that everyone knows and you can almost guarantee he’ll be invited to all the birthday parties. Sometimes he makes an appearance at family dinner, sporting events, school functions...really, when you think about it, he’s the guy that everyone knows and loves.

If the popular friend were a cookie, he’d be the classic Chocolate chip, of course!

The Attention Seeker

You know that girl who’s always wearing something with a little bit of sparkle? That’s the Attention Seeker. She’s always trying a little too hard to be noticed but  on the inside, she’s a little dark and mysterious. But don’t mistake the mystery for a sour heart - deep down, she’s really sweet, too.

If the Attention Seeker were a cookie, she’d be a Chocolate Decadence. It’s delicious dark chocolate on the outside with a soft brownie-like texture and an outer coating of powdered sugar..messy but delicious.

The Hipster

We all have that friend that wants to stand out from the crowd. She wears something trendy before everyone else does. She’s basically the one setting the trends. Or she takes those trends and puts her own spin on them. But the most important thing about the Hipster is that you can’t actually call her a Hipster (it’s too mainstream).

If the Hipster were a cookie, she’d be a Chocolate/White Chocolate Toffee. Instead of regular chocolate chips, we sub in dark chocolate and sprinkle in some white chocolate chips to the batter to step things up a notch. And instead of a classic batter, we bake it in a buttery English toffee.

The Old Fashioned

Some may call her old school, others may agree that she’s a bit of an old soul. She’s someone who plays by the rules, with just the right amount of sweetness and a little bit of sass.  From the summer pool party to Christmas Dessert, the Old Fashioned is a friend you can always count on, and a familiar face you’ve always known. Maybe she’s that guy across the street you’ve been friends with since childhood, or, instead, the sweet old lady who lives down the road.

If the Old Fashioned was a cookie, she’d be a Ginger Spice, of course.

The Festive One

He LOVES Halloween. And Thanksgiving. And Christmas. Just about any holiday you can think of. He’s that guy you know who starts playing Christmas music right after Halloween ends. He is such a big fan of the holidays and it shows. You can count on him to find the best ugly Christmas sweater for the holiday party, and probably have an extra one in his closet that you can borrow.

If the Festive One was a cookie, he’d be the Chocolate Peppermint. The minty creamy chocolate is the perfect Christmas treat, for any time of year.

The Kind One

This is your nicest friend. He’s simply a sweetheart - so cute and innocent. You can’t really convince him of anything rebellious because he is such a pure spirit. But call him that and he will get offended - he does have a sour side, too.

In cookie form, he’s a Lemon Shortbread...heart shaped for extra cuteness.

The Diva

Bold and beautiful, she’s a big personality that lights up a room with her energy. Sometimes, she has a flair for the dramatic and the intense. She’s always in the know about who’s who, what’s what, and where the best places are to go out in your city.

As a cookie, she’s our Tart Cherry Dark Chocolate. Bold and sour, with just the right amount of sugar. Inside, there’s macadamia nuts - a diva in the nut world.

The Kid at Heart

Who says we ever truly have to grow up? This guy doesn’t. He’s funny, he’s colorful, and he’s always down to have a good time. This is your friend who doesn’t take life too seriously and he’s always able to see the rainbow at the end of the rainy day.

In cookie form, he’s our chocolate cookies with a brownie flavor, filled with white chocolate and topped with colorful M&M’s.

The Fancy Friend

Classy and sophisticated, this is your friend who loves a good game of dress up. He puts the great in Great Gatsby and knows all about luxury living. He’s been to France, to Madagascar and the depths of the Amazon - a well traveled, well rounded and, frankly, well-off individual.

He’s our Cinnamon brûlée cookie that tastes like crème brûlée with a dollop of Cinnamon Brûlée - Crème brûlée-like topping of cinnamon sugar on a chewy, buttery cookie.

So did you recognize yourself in our 9 friends above? If not, don’t worry - we’ve barely scratched the surface of our cookie companions. From the Teddy Bear to the Health Nut (Vegan/Gluten Free, anyone?), we’ve got a whole neighborhood of personalities to uncover in every box of  Deluscious cookies.


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