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Our Favorite Alcohol/Cookie Pairings

 December 30 2013  By: Miri Nadler
I’ve come up with a list of what I believe to be the best wine, beer and liquor pairings for our most popular flavors. Can you think of any others?

Merry Christmas!

 December 25 2013  By: DeLuscious Cookies
The bakers, customer service representatives and bookkeepers at DeLuscious wish you and your family a very merry Christmas. Cherish each moment - it only comes once a year!

Top 5 Things to Do on Christmas Day in Los Angeles

 December 23 2013  By: Miri Nadler

Though most businesses (including DeLuscious) shut down on Christmas Day, there is still plenty to do in this snowless wonderland called Southern California. We’ve assembled a list of the top five things to do on Christmas Day in Los Angeles to make your holiday a little more festive!

Don't Forget Santa!

 December 18 2013  By: DeLuscious Cookies
Word on the street is Santa prefers these Peppermint Chocolate cookies. Yum!

Holiday Shopping Got You All Worked Up? Here Are Six Simple Tips on Keeping Your Cool

 December 16 2013  By: Miri Nadler
Anyone who has put off their holiday shopping until the month of December knows this can be the most stressful time of year. If the commercials weren’t bad enough, the traffic getting to the mall, the large crowds, the long lines, the kitschy red and green themed gifts that won’t make much sense to use the day after December 25th make holiday shopping an anxiety-inducing endeavor. If you have the holiday shopping blues, we’ve come up with six tips to make things much more bearable, and to make the holidays all the more merry.

Timing is Everything. How Sending Your Cookies a Few Weeks Before or After Christmas Will Keep Them from Getting Lost in the Shuffle.

 December 11 2013  By: DeLuscious Cookies
Oops! You forgot to send out your corporate gifts to the people who matter most - your clients! You know, the people who pay you money to work so hard each year? Do not fret! You forgetfulness was a gift in disguise.