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How to Write the Perfect Note

Every time a customer calls to place an order, that person is asked “would you like to include a note inside the cookie box?” Very often the usual  “yes” is accompanied by “Just throw in your usual birthday note” or “His mom just passed away; what do people normally write?” The truth is, we don’t have a usual birthday note, and our customers don’t normally write anything.

Easy DIY Terrarium Tutorial

Hello, my name is Miri, and I kill plants. Don’t get me wrong, I have the best of intentions when I’m picking out that hydrangea or basil plant, but in the end I just cannot keep them alive. It’s not like I can’t care for things. I have two dogs who I’ve kept alive for seven years (SEVEN!). But when it comes to plants, I have a black thumb all around - I simply just do not have the knowledge or skills to nuture them.

Friday Link Love & This Week's Instagrams

Each Friday we like to share things with you that made us smile, laugh and cry as well as some pictures of our week. Enjoy!

Secret Cookie: It All Started with a Tweet

Shhhhh! We have a secret!

The Historic Hollywoodland Staircases

If you read our first post here at the D Spot, you know that we believe DeLuscious Cookies are the ultimate Hollywood experience. As such, it is our obligation to share with you the secret spots that make Hollywood so special.

The Easiest Way to Class Up Your Cookies!

So many of our customers order our cookies for a last-minute dinner or cocktail party they are hosting or attending. It’s a great idea! Who doesn’t want cookies for dessert, right?

So much more than cookies…

Perhaps you have received DeLuscious cookies as gift. Or maybe you have seen our boxes being delivered to a studio lot. It’s possible you’ve stumbled upon this blog because you saw a photo of our cookies on Pinterest. However you got here, we can all agree that the phrase “Cookies and Milk” stirs up a wealth of sensations, bringing back memories of some of the best times in our lives.