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We Give Thanks For You!

 November 27 2013  By: DeLuscious Cookies
We Give Thanks For You!

It’s no wonder why Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of so many. The scent of the food alone fills hearts and homes with cherished memories of years gone by. Not to mention the combination of traditional flavors such as stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, sweet potatoes and turkey is nothing short of masterful. Many of you have chosen to make DeLuscious a part of your Thanksgiving tradition, and for that we are so grateful. So much love and care goes into each and every one of our cookies, it is a privilege to learn that our passion for cookies has become a part of your holiday experience.

Though we make sure to source only the finest ingredients, use the most skillful baking techniques and package everything so it looks “just right”, all of this would be meaningless if it wasn’t for you, our customers. Thank you for supporting us for over eleven years.

As you are scurrying about the grocery aisles, setting the table or traveling a great distance to eat this traditional meal with your family and friends, we hope you savor this season of thankfulness. And if you forgot to make dessert, don’t worry! Though our offices are closed on Thanksgiving Day, we are open this Wednesday, and you can count on us to bake the cookies.


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