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Colorblock Marshmallows Tutorial

 September 30 2013  By: Miri Nadler
Colorblock Marshmallows Tutorial


Marshmallows are undoubtedly a favorite American treat harkening back to our childhood days. Who doesn’t have fond memories of smashing a charred gooey ball of fluff between some chocolate and two pieces of graham crackers, creating fluffernutters with warm toast and peanut butter, which always ended up oozing onto your clean clothes and who can can forget the little marshmallows Grandma would slip into your hot cocoa on cold winter nights?

It is no surprise that adults love marshmallows just as much as kids do, but often are at a loss as to how marshmallows can be “classed up” a notch for a cocktail or dinner party. We have a festive solution that is sure to not only received compliments, but can be adjusted to fit the theme of any event you may be hosting. In this blog post we will teach you how to color block your marshmallows (so fun, right?).

What you will need:

Sturdy foam (styrofoam or floral foam)

Bamboo Skewers

Muffin tin or small bowls for dipping

Food coloring (any color you’d like)

Marshmallows (Store bought or homemade works fine. For this tutorial we made the marshmallows ourselves using this recipe)

1. Fill your muffin tin with a mixture of food coloring and water. About 20 drops of food coloring to 2 tsp of water work best for bold colors, but you can adjust the color based on what you are going for.

2. Stick a marshmallow on the end of your bamboo skewer.

3. Dip the marshmallow in the color you would like. We kept the marshmallow in color for about 30 seconds. If you would like to color block an additional color, make sure any excess color drips off the marshmallow.

4. Stick your skewer in the foam to dry completely. And you’re done!

This project is incredibly simple, but will made an impact big enough to turn anyone’s head. Of course it goes without saying the color-blocked marshmallows are not only for grownups. This could be a fun activity for kids to themselves a birthday party! In any case, this project is an example of how just rethinking the ways we use ordinary objects can go a long way in making events extra special.


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