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Cookies & Milk Cocktail? Don't Mind If I Do!

 October 16 2013  By: DeLuscious Cookies
Cookies & Milk Cocktail? Don't Mind If I Do!

Though cookies can be the most classic and simplest of dessert pleasures, sometimes it feels that if you’ve seen one cookie, you’ve seen them all - round, flat and sweet. Don’t let forgone conclusions of cookies and their simple natural color the way you serve them - amp your presentation up a notch with Cookie & Milk Cocktails! We’ve provided a step-by-step tutorial for you below.

What you will need:

DeLuscious Cookies

Round or shaped cookie cutter



Honey or Corn Syrup

Cocktail Glasses (Here I used champagne coupes, but you can use anything from a wine glass to a martini glass)

1. Pour your honey or corn syrup onto a plate, making sure the diameter of it is larger than your cocktail glass.

2. Pour out your sprinkles into the a bowl larger than your cocktail glass. The package I used already came in a bowl bigger than my cocktail glass.

3. Dip your cocktail glass into the honey or corn syrup, making sure all the edges are well coated. Then dip the glass into the sprinkles, making sure the sprinkles cover all edges of the glass.

4. Fill the cocktail glass with milk.

5. Take your cookie cutter and cut into each cookie.

6. With a sharp knife. cut a slit into the cookie up to the center point.

7. Slide the cookie onto the side of the cocktail glass. That’s it! You’re done!

The Cookie Cocktail has a festive and sophisticated presentation, but also gives your guests the warm and fuzzy feel of milk and cookies. Want to make your cocktail a little more adult? Add Kahlua or Bailey’s Irish Creme to the milk. It’s perfect for even the most elegant of cocktail parties.


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