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Fail-Proof Photo Wall Tutorial

 November 04 2013  By: Miri Nadler
Fail-Proof Photo Wall Tutorial

Making a house a home can be a difficult task, especially when your family and the things that bring your the most comfort reside miles away. The best way to hearken back fond memories is to display letters, photos and momentos on the wall, where you can see them everyday.

I was recently married, and I wanted a clever way to display some wedding photos as well as some other things on my wall such as some souvenirs from when I was a flight attendant, a funny poster we found at the flea market and a drawing of Krusty the Clown by a wedding guest and personal friend of mine who works for Boingo Comics.

The idea seems simple enough, but putting together an arrangement that is balanced and pleasing to the eye can be challenge. In this tutorial, I will give you simple and fail-proof tips for arranging frames on your wall.

What you will need:

All your framed memories you would like displayed

Gift Wrap


Pen or Pencil

Masking tape


Hammer and Nails

1. Place each frame on your gift wrap, tracing around each one, so you get each frame’s exact size. Cut out your traced frames from the gift wrap, and label each one.

2. With a small piece of masking tape for each cut-out, arrange each shape, keeping in mind what each frame contains.

3. Once you are satisfied with your arrangement, be sure to make each cut-out straight and even with a level.

4. Tape down the edges of each cut-out. You may have to move a few things around once you step back and see where everything is going.

5. When you are satisfied, measure from the top of the back of each frame to see where you need to hammer in your frame fastener. Mark that place on your cut-out, and hammer your nails or frame fasteners in the appropriate place.

6. Tear the cut-outs away from the wall and from around the nails. Hang your photos. You’re done!

This fail-proof method will eliminate unnecessary nail holes in the wall from mis-measuring your frames and where they are supposed to go. You are left with perfectly spaced and balanced memories for you, your family and friends to enjoy!


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