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How to Write the Perfect Note

 September 18 2013  By: Miri Nadler
How to Write the Perfect Note

The business of DeLuscious Cookies + Milk is vast and varied. Sure, we make dough and bake cookies, but there is so much more that goes into it. We talk to our customers on the phone, we wrap and package each cookie in our signature white box, we organize drivers and create delivery routes and to satisfy Uncle Sam, we make sure every dime is brought to account. But when it comes down to it, we know all those intricate details which are so very important would not matter  much at all unless each package was accompanied by your special note - the message you want to convey to the recipient of your very thoughtful gift.

Every time a customer calls to place an order, that person is asked “would you like to include a note inside the cookie box?” Very often the usual  “yes” is accompanied by “Just throw in your usual birthday note” or “His mom just passed away; what do people normally write?” The truth is, we don’t have a usual birthday note, and our customers don’t normally write anything. I find that the notes people include with their cookies are so personal, so unique, I am often at a loss for words when attempting to answer these questions.

So, without further adieu, I have put together some tips for formulating your perfect note.

1. The Thank-You

There seems to be a well-manufactured formula to the Thank-You Note. It goes like this:

A.) Thank you!

B.) For... (insert whatever it is deserving of thanks)

C.) *Exclamatory statement about the recipient*

D.) *Exclamatory statement about whatever it is deserving thanks* (This is where a few “!!!” never hurt anyone.)


Dear Scott,

Thank you for creating the most beautiful flower arrangements I have ever seen. You are truly a master in your field. I cannot wait until everyone gazes upon your lovely bouquets at my wedding!

All my best,


2. The Congratulations

The “Congratulations” is much like the “Thank-You” note:

A.) Congratulations!

B.) For... (insert whatever it is deserving congratulations)

C.) *Exclamatory statement about the recipient*

D.) *Exclamatory statement about whatever it is deserving congratulations*


Dear Nadine & Team,

Congratulations on the store opening this weekend! It was a lot of hard work, but with such a talented team, I knew you would pull it off magnificently. We are delighted that our company now has a storefront in the South Bay - great work!


John Harper

Corporate Headquarters

3. The “Happy Birthday!”

This should seem obvious enough. For your convenience, I’ve boiled down the Happy Birthday note into 2 parts:

A.) Happy Birthday!

B.) *Exclamatory statement about celebration*


Hi Joanie,

Happy Birthday!

We are going to have so much fun celebrating your life this weekend!



4. The Apology

This particular category of note has the largest varietals. I typically find that people try to over-explain, over-think and over-apologize. Not only can this be really agonizing for the recipient to read, it can also be potentially embarrassing when handing off such a note over to a company like ours to then type out and include with your gift. The most deeply touching notes of this type I’ve read are usually the shortest.


Dear Mary,

I’m so sorry.

Please forgive me.

~ Henry

5. The Condolence

By far the hardest note for anyone to write is the one of condolence. You just don’t know what to say, especially if the person who passed is someone you don’t know. The truth is, one cannot know the level of grief the recipient may be feeling. The fact that you took the time to think of them and send them a gift is probably of tremendous comfort on it’s own. As with The Apology Note, I find the simplest expression is best:

Dear Sam,

I am thinking of you and your family at this time.



So there you go, our best recommendations for the perfect note. It should go without saying that each circumstance demands something different from the gift-giver; however, for those who find themselves at a loss for words, I hope you have found this post helpful.


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