Partners in Profile: Olive & Thyme

(Photo by Doah at Doah's Hungry)

By now you know that DeLuscious cookies are available in many forms: hand-delivery, shipping and you can even come into our Hollywood bakery to pick up a couple or a couple dozen. In addition to this, we have partnered with carefully curated vendors, so DeLuscious cookies can be made available to our customers who can’t make the schlep to Hollywood to satisfy an insatiable craving. Today we highlight Olive & Thyme in Burbank, which offers a wide variety of DeLuscious cookies, baked fresh everyday.

Olive & Thyme is a family-owned marketplace/eatery offering only the finest meats and cheeses. It is a hot-spot and well-kept secret of studio lunch-goers, attracting attention of big names in the food industry. Even Jonathan Gold, food critic for LA Weekly described Olive & Thyme as “a damned good place for lunch.”

(Photo by Doah at Doah's Hungry)

Husband and wife, Christian and Melina Davies opened Olive & Thyme because they could not find quality specialty meats and cheeses without going over the hill. These things simply haven’t been available in the San Fernando Valley... until now! Reminiscent of Dean and Deluca back east, Olive & Thyme will leave you with a food experience you won’t soon forget.


(Photo by Doah at Doah's Hungry)


When you enter Olive & Thyme you will see a wide selection of fine food products lining the register and the walls. Among the candies, prosciutto and stinky cheese, front and center is displayed none other than the best cookies, brownies and whoopie pies in the city, made by - you guessed it - DeLuscious Cookies + Milk. The presentation at their cookie display may look a different than our signature packaging, but the cookies are pure DeLuscious***.


***Olive & Thyme does source other baked goods from various vendors, so be sure to compare the displayed cookies against the ones on our website or Facebook page to guarantee you are getting bona-fide DeLuscious cookies.


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