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Rethinking the Cookie Cake

 September 25 2013  By: Miri Nadler
Rethinking the Cookie Cake

At the bakery, we get countless phone calls of customers telling us they have a friend who does not like cake. Cookies are the perfect option, but it often begs the question, how do I decorate a cookie to make my friend/loved one/ family member feel special? We've come up with a way to do this that is simple, tasty and the end result can be as beautiful or personal as you want it to be. We are challenging you, our readers, to re-think the cookie cake.

You may have seen the commercials for the new Cool Whip frosting product. We wanted to test it out with our cookies and came up with a creation that is as beautiful as a cake, without actually being cake.

You only need two ingredients: 5 DeLuscious Chocolate Chip Cookies, a package of Cool Whip Frosting (flavor up to you!)

The chocolate cookies we make in the bakery are perfect for this cookie cake, because they are flat, wide (about 5 inches in diameter), soft in the middle and are made with only the finest ingredients which guarantees the best flavor.

We want to start with our crumb coat. Take your cake stand, or whatever platter you are using for the cake and place a dollop of the Cool Whip Frosting in the middle. This will stabilize the cookie and keep it from moving.

Place the first cookie on top, then frost the cookie with about 1cm thick of frosting. Place the next cookie on top of that and repeat the process until you get to the fifth cookie.

Coat your stacked cookies all around, until completely covered. Next, you can pipe any design you'd like. Here I used a 3/8th inch round tip to creating 3 dots down the length of the cookie cake, then dragged the frosting from each dot to the right.

Be sure to clean up any excess frosting that may have found its way on your cake stand and you are done! The perfect cake for the person who does not like cake.

Quality ingredients, beautiful presentation and lots of love can make any dessert special. Just don't think that you need to slave away in the kitchen for hours baking something from scratch. You can purchase just a few pre-made items to make something truly spectacular.


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