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Show Thanks with the Thanksgiving Couture Dozen

 November 06 2013  By: DeLuscious Cookies
Show Thanks with the Thanksgiving Couture Dozen

It’s Thanksgiving time, and we have a feast for the taste-buds in our November Couture Dozen. Our collection of the finest cookies in traditional flavors is the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving table. Whether the flavor is pumpkin, maple or marshmallow, we have something for everyone, guaranteed to pair perfectly with your turkey.

By far our most extravagant creation, the S’mores brownie couldn’t be any more luxurious to the senses. Starting at the bottom the thick graham cracker crust adds stability and a crunch to the ooey gooey ingredients which sit atop of it. Two layers of fudgy chocolate sandwich a layer of marshmallow, which stretches with each bite. Finally the crisp chocolate top edge is affixed with another marshmallow and drizzled with chocolate ganache. Can we say “s’more, please!”?

You thought our Pumpkin Spice cookie was so deliscious, we dared to make it into a whoopie pie! Two layers of soft and sweet pumpkin cakes sandwich a perfectly creamy buttercream. Who needs pumpkin pies when you have pumpkin whoopie pies, right?

Our next cookie with the what separates DeLuscious Cookies from any other bakery you tried. Our Honey Cheddar Cornbread cookie will knock your socks off! The sweet corn with the salty cheddar topped off with a buttery honey glaze is enough to evoke a sense of gratitude in anyone who has an opportunity to taste it.  

The molasses flavors of our maple oatmeal cookie are enough to make anyone want to put on a plaid flannel shirt and yell “TIMBER!” The nuttiness of the oatmeal and the sweetness of the maple come together in a cookie confection that is guaranteed to give you the warm fuzzies.

Finally, as is the custom in all our couture dozens, we are sure to include the most popular cookie at DeLuscious - Chocolate Chip. Made with four different kinds of chocolate, our chocolate chip cookies are baked to perfection: flattened to the size of your hand, chewy and crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle.

Sign up for bringing dessert to your Thanksgiving celebration. All you have to do is call us, we’ll take care of the details. The November Couture dozen is $50.00. We can hand-deliver with milk in the Los Angeles area, as well as ship anywhere in the country. Click here to order online!


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