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So much more than cookies…

 January 20 2014  By: Lydia Shayne
So much more than cookies…

Perhaps you have received DeLuscious cookies as gift. Or maybe you have seen our boxes being delivered to a studio lot. It’s possible you’ve stumbled upon this blog because you saw a photo of our cookies on Pinterest. However you got here, we can all agree that the phrase “Cookies and Milk” stirs up a wealth of sensations, bringing back memories of some of the best times in our lives.

In our bakery we have been privileged to take part in so many milestones: Congratulatory Cookies on the birth of a new baby, I’m Sorry Cookies from a repentant friend, Get Well Soon Cookies to a co-worker recovering from surgery and of course many, many Happy Birthdays. At DeLuscious, we have come to understand that when you send a box of our cookies, you are not just sending flour, eggs, sugar and chocolate. Rather, this gift is your expression of love, gratitude, thanks and sometimes sorrow. You are in a sense communicating what is in your heart through this gift and your personalized note.

Because you have shared your hearts with us, we in turn want to share ours with you. Our cookies are baked and sold by the hands of a creative ensemble of men and women, committed to making sure each of you has the best possible experience. It is here, through this blog that we can reveal our wondrous, imagination-fueled world to you.

We can’t wait to introduce you to our lively cast of characters from Jacob our dough-maker who is guided by his passion for the entire baking process and is frequently rocking out to his favorite music to Tony who as a working artist, brings that artistic sensibility to his day job as our kitchen manager. We want to help spark creativity in others with posts about how to throw the perfect dinner party and hear your feedback on how things fared. We have so many stories to share about Hollywood and its secret treasures as well as Los Angeles’ not-so-typical tourist destinations where you can take your out-of-town guests. And of course, we have so many innovative ideas of how to serve our cookies complete with step-by-step instructions.

It is through the tenderness of your personalized notes to clients, family and friends, combined with the love and care from our staff which makes a DeLuscious cookie so much more than a cookie. For us, it is about the experience, your experience with us. We hope after you’ve read through our blog and become more familiar with the people who make up DeLuscious, you will think so too.

So please sit back enjoy the ride and participate actively in the experience.


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