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The Easiest Way to Class Up Your Cookies!

 09-04-2013  By: Miri Nadler
The Easiest Way to Class Up Your Cookies!

So many of our customers order our cookies for a last-minute dinner or cocktail party they are hosting or attending. It’s a great idea! Who doesn’t want cookies for dessert, right? Well, if you are anything like our customers, you may being thinking the idea of cookies following a refined dinner is inspired, but simultaneously at a loss as to how you should serve them.


We have found the simplest presentations can be the most elegant. Just take cocktail glasses of your choice. You can use anything from margarita glasses to champagne coupes. Here, we used martini glasses. Fill each glass about half-way with milk, and lay a DeLuscious cookie on top. It’s a lovely presentation, sure to make your guests smile.


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