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There's Always Room for S'mores!

 October 02 2013  By: DeLuscious Cookies
There's Always Room for S'mores!

Earlier this week, I showed you how to colorblock marshmallows (COLOR.BLOCK. So cute!). So now you have a bunch of colorful fluffy mallows, what on earth should you do with them?

Well, I guess it’s not brain-surgery. S’mores, always make s’mores. Crumbly, chocolatey, gooey warm molten goodness is all you need to make your taste-buds sing with joy!

We have a special challenge for you. Instead of using graham crackers to bookend the chocolate and marshmallow, use our Peanut Butter DeLuscious cookies! Seriously, try it!

The salty, savory peanut butter pairs with the strong bitterness of the melted chocolate and the goo and sweetness of the marshmallows rounds everything out to utter perfection.

Want to switch it up? Try making s’mores with our Cinnamon Sugar Cookie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie or pass up the chocolate bar altogether and try it with just marshmallow and our Peanut butter Chocolate Cookie.

Are you a Vegan? Try this marshmallow recipe and any of the Deluscious Vegan Cookies for decadent treat. Gluten-free? DeLuscious has a solution for that too! Marshmallows are naturally gluten-free as is chocolate, but pair them with the DeLuscious Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip cookies, and you are in business.

One last thing - these cookie s’mores are sure to get all over your hands and fingers, so don’t forget to bring a napkin.


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